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Who is SELVA?

SELVA Inter­na­tion­al is a non­prof­it, 501©3, tax exempt orga­ni­za­tion.  SELVA’s mis­sion is to edu­cate and empow­er peo­ple to pro­tect the envi­ron­ment.  We do this by build­ing alliances that sup­port on the ground projects based in sci­ence, edu­ca­tion, long-term plan­ning, and sound eco­nom­ics.  SELVA was found­ed by Ph.D. ecol­o­gists with over 100 years of com­bined on-the-ground expe­ri­ence work­ing in con­ser­va­tion.

The Project

The broad goal of the Last Chance Project is to edu­cate the pub­lic on the sci­en­tif­ic basis behind envi­ron­men­tal issues and take action.  Our spe­cif­ic goal is to iden­ti­fy and cre­ate an inter­ac­tive, mul­ti-media cur­ricu­lum that reach­es the indi­vid­ual on an emo­tion­al and per­son­al lev­el to inspire true learn­ing. This cur­ricu­lum will be a free resource avail­able to edu­ca­tors and pro­mot­ed to the pub­lic through social media.

This project teach­es envi­ron­men­tal themes in a non-tra­di­tion­al man­ner that is stim­u­lat­ing, inter­est­ing, emo­tion­al­ly evoca­tive, and dri­ven by data.  Sci­en­tif­ic eval­u­a­tion ensures that media is fac­tu­al, while peer and stu­dent eval­u­a­tion ensure that only effec­tive cur­ricu­lum is pro­vid­ed on the site.

Project Objectives

  • Cre­ate and pro­vide con­tent that edu­ca­tors can use to add diver­si­ty, inter­est, emo­tion, and sci­ence to exist­ing envi­ron­men­tal edu­ca­tion cur­ricu­lum (such as the Cal­i­for­nia EEI).
  • Pro­vide and link to resources and action items that help peo­ple change to more sus­tain­able lifestyles and soci­eties.
  • Imple­ment ongo­ing eval­u­a­tion and test­ing of mate­ri­als to ensure sci­en­tif­ic valid­i­ty, qual­i­ty, and effec­tive learn­ing out­comes.
  • Cre­ate a pro­mo­tion­al cam­paign that will draw edu­ca­tors and the pub­lic to the site.

Content for Eco-Educators

We believe that well-con­struct­ed, emo­tion­al­ly evoca­tive media are impor­tant tools for envi­ron­men­tal edu­ca­tion.  While there is an array of media avail­able online that can be used to enhance lec­tures about envi­ron­men­tal top­ics, it can be dif­fi­cult to access reli­able and sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly accu­rate sources. It can take edu­ca­tors weeks to search for and iden­ti­fy the best media. Addi­tion­al­ly, new mate­ri­als become avail­able all the time, mak­ing it chal­leng­ing to keep up. This project will pro­vide the best, most cur­rent media that has already been reviewed for its sci­en­tif­ic valid­i­ty, qual­i­ty, emo­tion­al response, and learn­ing results.  Edu­ca­tors can be assured that con­tent:

  • is based in sci­ence.
  • ful­fills an obvi­ous edu­ca­tion­al objec­tive (e.g., out­lines the dan­gers of plas­tic pol­lu­tion).
  • caus­es an emo­tion­al response.
  • engages and enter­tains the indi­vid­ual.
  • moti­vates view­ers to share the con­tent with their peers.
  • push­es the indi­vid­ual to action.

We pro­vide addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion for edu­ca­tors, to facil­i­tate its use in the class­room. This includes terms, key con­cepts, media sum­maries, and action items.


This web­site was cre­at­ed by UCLA stu­dents under the guid­ance of Pro­fes­sor Ali­son Lip­man.

Cur­rent­ly main­tained by UCLA stu­dents: Hol­ly Riz­zo, Zeynep Celikkol, Evan Gen­try, Anurag Bajjuri, Reece Salmons, and Peter­son Nguyen.

This web­site is main­tained by Peter­son Nguyen.

Pre­vi­ous­ly main­tained by UCLA stu­dents: Andy Aguiar, Spencer Berg­er, Priscila Coro­n­a­do, Ryan Du, Chia Goh, Kait­lyn Hon­ey­church, Steven Mar­tinez, Chris Rice, Salome Salia, Selene She, Christo­pher Perez, and Ash­ley Shirriff.

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