Extreme Consumerism

Extreme Consumerism - Solutions

Extreme consumerism has led to depletion of resources, inflicting tremendous damage to the environment. The impacts of increased consumption are magnified by the globalized nature of modern economies. The first step in reducing the world’s consumption footprint is to understand our role as consumers. If the public is better informed about the hidden costs of everyday purchases, then they can consciously …

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Extreme Consumerism

While consumption of goods is necessary to survive, overconsumption well beyond what is needed has created a world where resource use has outpaced the sustainable capacity of the ecosystem. Overconsumption leads to: The loss of natural resources used to produce those goods Toxic pollution in the air and toxic waste in the ground from mass production An unprecedented amount …

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How does consumerism affect the planet? Read More: “The Market Must Expand at All Costs”    Cheap goods: how is the price kept down? Video summary: Consumerism drives a cycle of resource exploitation that devastates the environment. Our resources our finite yet our economy grows indefinitely. Video summary: The Citizens United decision places too much …

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