Water Scarcity


Dams Video Summary: While they are often touted as a source of “clean energy”, the negative effects of dams on overall hydrology, downstream ecosystems, and nearby human populations outweigh the benefits of energy generation. Furthermore, due to the methane released by decaying plants in flooded areas, dams actually contribute to climate change on a level …

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Oil impact on Louisiana water

Water Pollution / Urban Runoff

Agricultural pollution is not the only source of water contamination. Sewage, industrial pollution, and residues from automobile exhaust all are swept downstream into rivers and ultimately the ocean. Video Summary: Modern society has interfered with the natural water cycle for centuries. Pollution from agricultural, residential, and industrial sources has contaminated rivers and oceans, and problems …

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Agriculture and Water Use

Globally, almost 70% of the Earth’s available fresh water is used for agriculture alone.[7] The United States alone uses over 76 trillion gallons of water annually for livestock.[8] Video Summary: Water supplies stored in lakes, reservoirs, and aquifers are quickly being depleted. Approximately 80% of this water (in the U.S.) is used for agriculture. Furthermore, …

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The Water Cycle

Water supports all life on Earth, and circulates throughout the entirety of the biosphere. This cycle theoretically allows for our fresh water to be continuously renewed. However, there are still many issues in regards to how water is conserved and distributed that prevent this from happening. [1]  

Water Conservation - Solutions

There are many options available for individuals to employ in order to improve access to safe and clean water for everyone. One important starting point is creating dialogue with family, friends, and local government about residential water waste. Video Summary: Improper use of water at the residential level increases the amount of urban pollutants in the ocean. A few more …

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